The primary long-term purpose of the GERIA study is to improve the health of older persons living in Elderly Care Centers (ECCs). The GERIA study is aimed at:

Measure air quality and thermal conditions in ECCs;

Assess effects of Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) and thermal conditions on cardiorespiratory health of ECC residents (aged 65 years and older);

Evaluate the association of indoor air pollution in health-related quality of life of older persons;

Identify a subgroup of older persons particularly susceptible to adverse effects of air pollutants, thus posing the basis for preventive interventions.


The GERIA Project took place in the two main Portuguese cities, Lisbon and Oporto. Within the 1st phase of this study, 53 nursing homes (33 in Lisbon and 20 in Oporto) were selected through proportional stratified random sampling (by parish) from the 151 included in the Portuguese Social Charter (95 in Lisbon and 56 in Oporto). These 53 nursing homes were attended by 2,110 residents (1,442 in Lisbon and 668 in Oporto). The 2nd phase complete a thorough analysis based on the 1st phase preliminary study. Twenty ECC where further studied in detail.

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GERIA - Geriatric study in Portugal on Health Effects of Air Quality in Elderly Care Centers